An effluent holding tank in the Calais region (N France, 1989). © BRGM

Public-sector partners / local authorities

Below is a selection of topics of interest to public-sector partners and local authorities on the BRGM website.

Support to public policy development

BRGM, working for public-sector partners

BRGM conducts expert assessments, surveillance activities and studies on behalf of the State, local authorities, agencies and public institutions.

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BRGM expert studies

Support for decision-makers

As a research establishment, BRGM offers its competences to its partners and clients to support their decision-making.

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International cooperation

BRGM, a leading international organisation in the geosciences

With over 200 projects each year in more than 40 countries, BRGM works across the globe towards enduring protection for people and resources.

About BRGM’s international activities

BRGM activities in the French regions

Comprehensive regional coverage

The BRGM works in all 22 regions of mainland and overseas France to meet the needs of its regional partners.

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BRGM in Europe

The French geological survey also works for Europe

BRGM is involved in a great many European partnerships for research, policy development support and international cooperation.

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Research alliances

BRGM is involved in French research programming

BRGM takes part in French research programming through the ANCRE and AllEnvi alliances.

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Quality and Environment Certification

BRGM has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification

With ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, BRGM applies an integrated management system with quality and environmental certification working hand in hand.

BRGM certification
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