Preparations for blasting to extract Trapp aggregate (ancient basalt) in the Raon-l'Etape quarry (Vosges, NE France, 2003). © BRGM - François Michel

Businesses / professionals

A selection of topics of interest to companies, consultancies and professionals.

BRGM, a Carnot Institute

BRGM, a Carnot Institute for research partnerships

The BRGM’s “Carnot Institute” label recognises its performance in partnership-based research with businesses.

Working with BRGM as a Carnot Institute

The CIR tax incentive scheme for research

Tax incentive for business investments in R&D

The CIR scheme is a tax incentive to R&D investments by businesses. The BRGM is CIR-approved.

Eligibility for the CIR tax incentive scheme for research

Quality and Environment Certification

BRGM has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification

With ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, BRGM applies an integrated management system with quality and environmental certification working hand in hand.

BRGM certification

The BRGM Group : CFG Services

A specialist in industrial geothermal applications

CFG Services, a BRGM subsidiary, is an engineering company specialising in industrial geothermal applications for heat and power production.

More information about CFG Services

IRIS instruments, a BRGM Group subsidiary

Geophysics instrumentation for subsurface explorations

IRIS Instruments designs, produces and markets geophysics equipment for environmental applications, geotechnologies, water and mineral prospecting.

More information about IRIS Instruments

Continuing professional training

BRGM training for professionals

Backed by 50 years of experience in geoscience, BRGM offers a range of continuing training options to support decision-making for planning and the environment.

See continuing training options

Sedimentary basins

Optimise your surface and sub-surface operations

BRGM data can provide you with decisive information for subsurface operations in every sector.

More information about BRGM data products on sedimentary basins

Geological maps

Geological maps to support decision-making

BRGM supplies printed and digital geological maps that provide essential information for decision-making.

See geological maps supplied by BRGM

The InfoTerre Portal

InfoTerre, the portal for access to BRGM scientific data

The InfoTerre portal offers free online access to the BRGM’s geoscientific data: geological maps, subsurface databank (BSS), etc.

More information about the InfoTerre portal for access to BRGM scientific data

Scientific software

A range of software developed for the geosciences

BRGM has developed a range of software for application in geoscience fields, now used in 65 countries.

See scientific software products from the BRGM
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