A geological model. Albian and Neocomian aquifers in the Paris Basin (2014). © BRGM

Scientific software

BRGM has developed a range of software for geoscience applications, now used in 65 countries.

3D GeoModeller 

3D geometric modelling software for geologists.

More information about GeoModeller

BILCO : Mass balance data reconciliation

BILCO quickly and accurately resolves mass balance data analysis or reconciliation problems. In just minutes, BILCO supplies solutions to materials flow management issues, for example for pollution assessments, analyses of domestic waste recycling systems or complex flowsheets for mineral processing, agri-foods, chemical or petroleum industries.

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CyberQuake: modelling soil responses to seismic tremors

The CyberQuake application models soil responses to seismic tremors.

Contact us for more information: cyberquake@brgm.fr

Download CyberQuake presentation in pdf

ECHANT : to quantify sampling precision

This application quantifies the margin of error in materials sampling.

More information about ECHANT

EFISPEC3D: solving the three-dimensional wave equations

EFISPEC3D is a free code that solves the three-dimensional wave equations using a spectral-finite-element method (SFEM); commonly called spectral-element method (SEM).

EFISPEC3D is programmed in FORTRAN95 and MPI to run on parallel architectures. It is under a double license: CeCILL V2 and GNU GPL V3.

More information about EFISPEC3D

Gardenia:  simulating streamflow and water levels in aquifers

Gardenia is used for overall hydrological modelling of rainfall/river flow and rainfall/groundwater levels.

Contact us for more information: gardenia@brgm.fr

Download Gardénia presentation in pdf

GDM Suite: a software suite allowing to model, represent and visualize geoscientific data and geological model in 3D

The GDM Suite has been developed by the BRGM to manage, display and model geological data, in various fields: geology, town and country planning, water resources, pollutions, natural hazards, mineral resources, geotechnique, geothermal energy,...

More information about GDM Suite

GesFor: management and assistance for drilling declarations

GesFor is a software package for drilling professionals and supplied free of charge.

MARTHE: Modelling software for subterranean flows

MARTHE has been developed by the BRGM for 3D modelling of mass and energy flows and transfers in hydro-systems. Modelling includes aquifers, rivers and non saturated zones.

More information about MARTHE

SCALE2000: for simulations of solid deposition phenomena in boreholes

SCALE2000 software is designed to simulate solid deposition phenomena in boreholes.

Your contact for more information:: scale2000@brgm.fr

USIM PAC: for simulations of treatment processes

USIM PAC is designed for process simulations. It enables mineral processing engineers and scientists to model industrial operations on the basis of available experimental data and to determine optimum configurations to achieve production goals.

More information about USIM PAC

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