A geological model. Albian and Neocomian aquifers in the Paris Basin (2014). © BRGM

GDM Suite: a software suite allowing to model, represent and visualize geoscientific data and geological model in 3D

The GDM Suite has been developed by the BRGM to manage, display and model geological data, in various fields: geology, town and country planning, water resources, pollutions, natural hazards, mineral resources, geotechnique, geothermal energy,...

GDM Software Suite offers tools for geosciences and land planning professionals to model, exploit and make full use of geoscientific data and geological models:

  • 3D geological model building from geological data (boreholes, geological maps, geological cross-sections…)
  • Geostatistical analysis and interpolation of variables
  • Data consistency control
  • Representation of data and models with well logs, maps, cross-sections and 3D view either with GDM, ArcGIS or on the Web

The GDM Suite includes the following:

Other extensions are being finalised:

  • GDM Logger for integrated drilling management (water wells, geotechnical boreholes, etc.).

GDM Standard: Data representation and modelling

GDM Standard includes all the standard features of the BRGM's GDM Suite.

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GDM MultiLayer: Three-dimensional geological modelling

GDM MultiLayer is an extension to GDM Standard that automates the construction of multilayer geological models.

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GDM Viewer: Visualisation of data and geological models

This viewer is available free of charge to display and search data, models and graphic documents stored in a "GDM project".It can be used by your clients to see the models you have built for them.

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GDM ArcGIS: an extension of GDM Suite for ArcGIS

GDM ArcGIS is en extension of GDM Suite for ArcGIS, allowing to visualise data and geological models, and use the geostatistical methods on ArcGIS.

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GDM Web Services: Representation of geological data and models on the Web

GDM Web Services is a set of "web" components designed to incorporate GDM functions into an on-line GIS on your web site.

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