Alpine groundwater resurgence in the Cirque de Choranche, draining waters from the Coulmes range towards the Bourne river (Pont en Royan, Isère, 2009). © BRGM - François Michel

ESPERE: estimating effective rainfall and aquifer recharge by different methods

ESPERE is designed for rapid simultaneous calculations using up to ten different methods for estimating aquifer recharge or effective rainfall.

ESPERE (EStimation de la Pluie Efficace et de la Recharge selon différentes méthodes) is an Excel spreadsheet designed to assess aquifer recharge.

Because it works with data processed in several different ways, ESPERE can calculate both aquifer recharge and confidence intervals for the results.

Depending on the data they have, users can choose which method they wish to apply among those handled by ESPERE:

  • empirical methods using daily weather readings,
  • filter methods using flow rate history,
  • analysis of piezometric variations.

ESPERE is designed to minimise the number and type of parameters to be supplied by the user and for use in a wide range of contexts, including cases where users have no specialist knowledge.

The full version of ESPERE v1.5 runs with Excel 2010 and XLSTAT (© Addinsoft) for statistical processing of the results. A light version using Excel only is also available.

 Home page and data input page

ESPERE v1.5: Home page and data input page

 Results page

ESPERE v1.5: Results page


 Statistics page

ESPERE v1.5: Statistics page




  • Operating system: Windows
  • Programming language: VBA Excel
  • Languages: French and English

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