Preparing rock compartments  for blasting on a 100 m high coastal cliff (La Réunion, 2006). © BRGM - Jean-Louis Nedellec


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First version of the lithological map of metropolitan France at 1:50,000

The geological data on the subsurface, available on a scale of 1:50,000 for most of the départements of metropolitan France, have been reworked so they are no longer classified by strata age. The information on lithology, i.e. rock type, was coded and ranked hierarchically in order to deliver a...

Preliminary characterisation of Sargassum storage sites in Martinique

In 2017, the town of Pontcharra (Isère) wanted a more comprehensive understanding of the issues involved and necessary conditions for preserving its groundwater. To this end, it jointly designed and then launched, with the support of BRGM, a hydrogeological study to confirm the high potential of...

Supporting the General Directorate for Risk Prevention in implementing the ELAN Act

In 2019, BRGM assisted the Ministry of the Environment's General Directorate for Risk Prevention with regulatory zoning and drafting of the related decrees, as part of the implementation of Article 68 of the ELAN Act on the prevention of risks associated with shrinking and swelling of clay...

Assessment of the deep geothermal energy sector for heat production over the period 2007–2018

This project was carried out with the support of the French Agency for the Ecological Transition (ADEME) and aimed to draw up a comprehensive assessment of the deep geothermal sector for heat production since its revival in 2007 thanks to the establishment of the "Renewable Heat Fund" and a new...

Exploring the deep geothermal potential of Petite-Terre, Mayotte

Since 2005, BRGM has been conducting an exploratory programme for deep geothermal potential in Mayotte. The last study, carried out in 2019, concluded that Petite Terre has great potential. An additional study is planned in 2020 to prepare exploratory boreholes and confirm the presence of this...

The Micro-ReUse Project: Removal and phytoavailability of micropollutants for the reuse of treated wastewater

The Micro-ReUse project was carried out through a partnership between two research institutions and two local authorities on Reunion Island. It aimed to study the degradation and phytoavailability of micropollutants at the outlet of a wastewater treatment plant for the purpose of reusing water for...

PIC'eau: from understanding to practical applications of water data

The PIC'eau project has enabled the development of new digital services adding the possibility of calculating and processing to the consultation of raw data, as well as a participatory approach to improving the tool and reporting inconsistencies.

The environment in numbers

Creating practical applications for data is a real challenge given the huge increase in data production. How to move from data to knowledge dissemination and raising public awareness? The challenge is to implement data visualisation/computer graphics/3D/data journalism techniques so as to...


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