Preparing rock compartments  for blasting on a 100 m high coastal cliff (La Réunion, 2006). © BRGM - Jean-Louis Nedellec


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Activities: Geology

Understanding the near subsurface to support sustainable and responsible development

Because the near subsurface (0 to 100 m) is the interface between humans and the planet, it is the focus of a great many fundamental issues and the subject of many research projects.

Airborne geophysics: assessing solid rock quarrying potential in La Réunion

La Réunion is facing a shortage of solid rock supplies, which are essential to major civil engineering projects. To address the problem, the BRGM conducted a pilot study based on data collected in 2014 during the ReunEM heliborne geophysical survey campaign.

Heliborne geophysical survey of La Réunion: applications to materials prospecting

Heliborne prospecting for materials can produce imagery of hard rock sectors on and below the surface, but can also identify the thickness of loose weathering formations (clays) that prevent access to these deposits and which can also be used in some cases.

Heliborne geophysics in La Réunion: applications for furthering knowledge on water resources

The BRGM, in partnership with the EU (ERDF), the French State and the La Réunion Region, conducted a heliborne geophysical survey of the entire island in 2014, in order to map its geological resources. Interpretation of the ReunEM campaign findings is of great interest to further knowledge on the...

PanAfGeo, a training programme for Africa on an unprecedented scale

PanAfGeo, a joint BRGM - EU programme signed in December 2016, will be training 1200 geologists from 54 African countries over 3 years. Involving a consortium of 12 European geological survey organisations coordinated by the BRGM, this Pan-African programme is unprecedented in its scale and...

Geological mapping and mineral inventories : three new programmes in Africa

Supporting economic development in Africa by updating knowledge on its geology and mineral resources is the common aim of three recent projects piloted by the BRGM in Chad, Malawi and Cameroon.

Convergence, a multiannual research partnership between the BRGM and Total

The BRGM and Total have signed an agreement on research to gain a new understanding of the geodynamic evolution of mountain ranges and its impact on the formation of hydrocarbons. Two projects, "Orogen" and "Source to sink", are focusing on the Pyrenees range, the subject of the first full-scale...

Mineral resources : Two mapping and training projects for the Republic of Congo

The BRGM is currently completing two geological mapping and training projects under the aegis of Total Exploration & Production and Asperbras.


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