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InfoTerre, the portal for access to BRGM geoscientific data

The InfoTerre portal offers free online access to the BRGM’s geoscientific data: geological maps, subsoils databank (BSS) and a wide array of thematic data.

InfoTerre is the web portal for access to BRGM geoscientific data, offering free access to many data reservoirs, including:

  • 1 / 1 000 000 and 1/ 50 000 geological maps of France
  • files from the subsoils databank (BSS) with their geological logs and relevant digitised documents,
  • BRGM public reports,
  • numerous other data on natural and industrial risks, groundwater, mineral resources, post-mining, marine geology and more,
  • cross-cutting data highlighting the above topics (ortho-images, plans, topographic data, roads, cadastral information, etc.).

Over a hundred different types of data are available, represented in the map sections in more than 200 layers of geographic information.

Carefully designed data displays

To facilitate use of the portal and adapt services to the needs of the general public as well as expert users, InfoTerre offers standard and simplified map display versions.

The simplified version provides streamlined access to the most frequently consulted data to provide content that any user can understand and use.

The standard version gives access to all BRGM geoscientific data for use with more sophisticated tools.

Practical services to facilitate data use

InfoTerre offers an array of advanced services and functions enabling users to make the most of the data proposed, including access to map legends, search functions and links to thematic files, screenshot printing, a flexible and dynamic downloading tool, annotating functions, etc.   Users can also open a personal account to save and manage several workspaces corresponding to their favourite maps.

Direct and relevant access to the information sought

A search engine is available to explore the content of numerous databases - geographic or not - and bring up the most relevant information with a few mouse-clicks.  The tool is available with the standard version or directly from the home page, with the latter also providing access to the BRGM’s public reports.

An interoperability success story

InfoTerre has offered data interoperability since 2003. Thanks to shared exchange and communication protocols, interoperability allows data from different producers to be used in combination.

The interoperability standards used for this purpose are:

InfoTerre thus works on the principle of a public portal for access to information on the environment and illustrates the value of the interoperability experience gained by the BRGM.  InfoTerre functionalities meet the requirements of the European INSPIRE Directive on access to information on the environment.


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Geoservices and mobile phone applications to access BRGM’s geoscientific data


As well as its InfoTerre portal, BRGM offers other means of access to its geoscientific data:

3 mobile phone apps: i-InfoTerre, InfoNappe and InfoGeol

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Via Geoservices on Google Earth, Quantum GIS, ARcGIS and others

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