i-InfoTerre, the BRGM's mobile app for geoscientific data displays, from App Store and for Android (2010). © BRGM

i-InfoTerre: display BRGM scientific data on your mobile phone

i-InfoTerre TM is the BRGM’s data viewer app for mobile phones. It offers a simplified version of the InfoTerre portal.


i-InfoTerre is a simplified version of the InfoTerre portal developed by BRGM to allow mobile phone access to its geoscientific data.

A simplified display app for the main geoscientific data

The i-InfoTerre app offers on-line access to different cartographic layers by theme:

  • 1/50 000 geological maps and legends,
  • sub-soil data files,
  • groundwater abstraction wells,
  • former industrial sites,
  • ground instability,
  • subterranean cavities,
  • clay shrinking and swelling.

Different background maps are available: ortho-images, geological plans and maps.

Geolocated data

Positioning on the map is done manually, either with the current GPS position or by entering an address.

Its mobility makes i-InfoTerre is a valuable addition to BRGM services for delivering geo-environmental information. Immediate responses to questions about your environment:

  • Are there any groundwater abstraction points in the vicinity and what is the abstraction depth?
  • Are there any former industrial sites around the lot where I intend to build my house?
  • Are there any subsidence risks to my home?
  • Is there any ground instability in my area?
  • What is the geological formation below me?

App available for iPhone/iPad and for Android

i-InfoTerre may be downloaded free of charge from App Store and for Android.

Go to i-InfoTerre on Google Play

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