Extract from the 3D geological model of the Paris Basin, with the geological map draped over the digital terrain model (2000). © BRGM

Digital data products

The BRGM sells various types of digital georeferenced data catering for a very broad range of uses in local government administration, planning, engineering consultancies, etc.

The subsoils databank

The subsoils databank (BSS) is the French national database of subterranean works in France declared under provisions of the mining and environment codes and the Water Act. The BSS contains technical and geological information acquired during subsoil surveys for road cuttings, quarries, underground works, tunnels or drilling work, and are collected from the project owners, drilling companies, etc. By the end of 2012, data from 775 000 information points and 2.3 million scanned documents were available for consultation free of charge.

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BD-Logs is the French national database of boreholes from which the geological data have been validated by the BRGM. The representations of drilling sections are standardised from a selection of the most representative workings in the BSS subsoils database.

Users have a choice between two levels of information:

  • Level 1: Standardised lithological and stratigraphic codes and names of formations,
  • Level 2: Spatially harmonised drilling data.

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Reprocessed seismic profiles

Reprocessing of seismic data produces a continuous image of the subsoil calibrated to validated drilling data references. The procedure enhances existing seismic reflection recordings (of which 90% are from petroleum campaigns). The profiles that result are used to support mapping of the interfaces of major or landmark geological formations. These profiles supplement the point-by-point drilling data described in validated logs (BD Logs).  

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Structural maps of sedimentary basins

Maps of the contour lines of geological formations based on validated drilling data. These maps incorporate the values measured from drilling samples, outcrops and available seismic profiles.

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Airborne magnetic and radiometric survey data

Airborne geophysical surveys (magnetism and radiometry) provide continuous coverage of geochemical and magnetic soil properties.

These data are used in particular for lithological and structural mapping. Their resolution and scope vary with the coverage of mainland France.

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Gravimetric data

In compliance with the mining code, all gravimetric data acquired in France are centralised by the BRGM, which is responsible for their management and delivery.

Data of two types are available:

  • Gravimetric stations,
  • References.

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3D geological models

Expert studies of geological data are facilitated by merging them into a single 3-dimensional space. This makes it possible to test interpretations of geological data using hypotheses that take all available data into account.

3D models are an aid to exchanges and communication as they simulate actual representations of the subsoil. The geometry of the subsoil is modelled in accordance with the hypotheses made by geologists to support quantifications of complex natural phenomena involving water flow or risks or predictive geotechnical studies.

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Inventories of the regional geological heritage

Inventories of the regional geological heritage are made to list sites of outstanding geological interest. They are conducted in accordance with a protocol validated by the Nature and Landscapes Directorate (DNP - Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy) and in collaboration with local partners (local authorities, administrative departments, associations, researchers, museum professionals, amateur enthusiasts, etc.). The database is compiled using standard site description models.

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Materials from inventories of the regional geological heritage

These regional inventories of geological sites of outstanding interest are a valuable source of data to promote the geological heritage. A wide range of supporting material is available, with links to different sources of geological and other information.

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