The BRGM's i-InfoTerre, InfoGeol and InfoNappe applications deliver geoscientific data for scientific, educational purposes and for general public (2011). © BRGM

BRGM’s mobile applications

BRGM offers three mobile applications for free access to geological, geoscientific and groundwater data.

BRGM has developed three smartphone applications to access geoscientific data on soils, subsoils and groundwater tables from anywhere.

i-InfoTerre, to access BRGM scientific data from your mobile phone

i-InfoTerre is a simplified version of BRGM’s InfoTerre portal for mobile phones providing cartographic and geolocated access to the main geoscientific data on soils and subsoils in France.

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InfoNappe, for access to data on groundwater

InfoNappe sends data on water table levels to your smartphone via the access portal to ADES, the groundwaters databank. 

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InfoGeol, for mobile phone access to geological data in France

InfoGeol provides access anywhere in France to data from the 1/1 000 000 and 1/50 000 geological maps of France and to geological logs from the BRGM’s subsoils databank.

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