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BRGM in charge of technical project management for the "Tout sur l’Environnement" web portal

The idea behind the Tout sur l'Environnement web portal, launched in 2009 by the Ministry of the Environment, is to facilitate access to environmental information for everyone. The BRGM is in charge of technical management for the project.

Portail Tout sur l'environnement

Created in 2009 by the Ministry of the Environment under the Aarhus Convention on access to information on the environment, the "Tout sur l'Environnement" web portal is a one-stop shop for access to a great many sources of environmental information available free of charge on existing public websites and portals.

The aim of this portal is to provide Internet users with simple and direct access to over 132,000 resources indexed by 186 contributors, which include central and local government bodies and agencies with public service responsibilities for the environment.

The BRGM is in charge of technical management for the project. It is also one of the public organisations supplying environmental data distributed through the portal.

Easy access to environmental information

The information in question, at the national or regional level, concerns the state of the environment, pressures on the environment, environmental protection activities and health impacts.

Different types of resources are available: web page contents, reports, studies, books, tabulated data, videos, layers of geographical information, etc. The information is selected and validated by the public authorities contributing to the portal: central government (ministries, devolved agencies, public establishments), local government (regional, district and municipal authorities, etc.), and agencies in charge of public services relating to the environment.

The portal can be searched in three ways: by keyword, by theme and by local area.

Meeting public demand for information

The portal is designed for use by the general public: citizens, people involved in public debates, businesses, teachers, researchers, the media, etc. The information is organised into 2 categories: for non-specialists (general public and students) and for specialists (businesses, public agencies, local government, scientists, associations, etc.), to cover the public's widely varying concerns and levels of knowledge on the environment. The very wide range of documents made available caters for an equally wide range of users, whether specialised or not.


Management of the "Tout sur l'Environnement" project has been delegated by the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and the Sea to the Commissioner-General for Sustainable Development (CGDD), and specifically to the CGDD's operational unit in Orléans. The ADEME, BRGM, ANSES, INERIS and LNE are responsible for producing the portal, with the BRGM in charge of technical project management.


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