View of the "Trou de Fer" after heavy rainfall, during a heliborne survey of La Réunion. The island holds the world records for rainfall over 24 hours and 15 days (La Réunion, 2012). © BRGM - Séverine Bès de Berc

Special feature on Climate Change

The BRGM is contributing to the scientific community's efforts to meet the challenges of climate change. We are involved in numerous projects to evaluate the consequences of global changes on soil and coastal erosion, coastal and groundwater flooding and land movement risks and water resources, in terms of both quality and quantity. We are also contributing to the development of technologies that could help mitigate climate change (e.g. underground CO2 storage, geothermal energy resources).

We present a special feature on the BRGM's scientific activities and projects in the field of climate change, the events surrounding the United Nations Climate Change Conferences (COP), as well as various resources on climate and the geosciences.


A key role for the BRGM in climate change action

The BRGM is closely involved in climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Find out more about the BRGM's commitments on climate change


BRGM projects on climate change

In today's context of global change, the BRGM is conducting a great many projects on groundwater, mineral resources, risks and mitigation.

See the BRGM's scientific projects on climate change


Geociences journal special issue : Climate Change and the Geosciences

The organization in Paris of the 21st United Nations Conference on Climate in 2015 affords an opportunity for BRGM's Geosciences journal to present an updated review of its contributions on this subject over the past ten years.

Read the special issue online


Climate change: 60 scientific success stories

To coincide with COP21, the 28 members of AllEnvi, the French environmental research alliance, are releasing a publication of exceptional interest.

Read the publication
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