A new reference site to understand and develop geothermal energy

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) and the BRGM have launched Geothermies.fr, a new reference website dedicated to understanding geothermal energy as a sustainable resource and promoting its use by individuals, local communities and businesses.

The Géothermies.fr. portal © BRGM

The subsurface has a potentially major role to play in the energy transition. Subsurface resources can be used to produce heat, cold and electricity, regardless of weather conditions, via geothermal engineering and its various techniques. For several decades, the geothermal engineering sector has made steady advances thanks to innovation and capitalising on feedback from experience.

Geothermal resources less than 200m below the surface (called "near-surface") can be used across virtually the whole of France to produce heat, cold and domestic hot water for buildings ranging from individual houses to entire eco-neighbourhoods. Geothermal energy is operational in 175 000 sites in France and has very large potential for development.

At depths below 200 metres, the technology produces large quantities of heat and/or electricity.  At present, 76 "deep" geothermal plants are operating in France. Two are producing electricity while the others produce heat, mainly distributed through district heating networks. 

Géothermies.fr, a new portal for information on geothermal energy

The Geothermies.fr site launched by the ADEME and BRGM is a scientific and practical resource for all kinds of users, from private individuals to local communities and businesses, to find out more about geothermal energy and its development as a constant and sustainable resource.

The site includes a demonstration section to learn out about the different ways of using subsurface heat, and a cartographic section with:

  • Regional and local-scale maps of geothermal resources to help identify the most appropriate geothermal solutions for each area;
  • Examples of operational near-surface geothermal facilities and all deep geothermal facilities currently operating in France, with their main technical characteristics and performance data;
  • A section describing regulatory regimes to inform developers of near-surface geothermal projects about their obligations.

Géothermies.fr also includes regional sections with contact information on players who are active in the local area and listing the various grants available for developing geothermal energy.

The site provides detailed information on regulations and applicable standards as well as a comprehensive section on practical and theoretical guidance for professionals and specialised organisations in the sector on good practice and the most recent research findings.

Finally, Géothermies.fr offers a free newsletter for updates on all forms of geothermal energy.


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