A cleft in Antelope Lower Canyon, forming what is known as a slot canyon (Arizona, USA). © Joe Cornish/Digital Vision/Getty Images

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Georama magazine #34: Geoscience and sustainable cities

BRGM is a major supplier of methodological tools and innovative applications for urban mining, supplies of building materials and clean, sustainable energy, water resources, soils and risk management.

Geosciences journal #21 : Africa, a land of knowledge

BRGM's Geoscience journal #21, dedicated to Africa, was presented at the 35th International Geological Congress.

Georama magazine #33 : The BRGM across the globe

BRGM is particularly involved with emerging countries to help them cope with climate change and move towards sustainable patterns of development.

Climate change: 60 scientific success stories

To coincide with COP21, the 28 members of AllEnvi, the French environmental research alliance, are releasing a publication of exceptional interest. As one of the founder members of AllEnvi, the BRGM is closely involved in this initiative.

Geociences journal special issue : Climate Change and the Geosciences

BRGM publishes a special issue of its Geosciences journal, entitled "Climate Change and the Geosciences".

Geosciences journal #19: The Garonne River: geological interactions and challenges

Géosciences issue n°19 features the Garonne River, the European river with the steepest drop from source to estuary. This issue, which covers hydrology, geology and human geography, focuses in particular on observation and management systems for the natural environment and on forward scenarios in...

Geosciences journal #18 : Soils

Issue 18 of Geosciences, a scientific magazine published by the BRGM, is dedicated to Soils.

Geosciences journal #17: Coastlines

Issue n°17 of the BRGM's Géosciences journal focuses on coastlines as resource-rich but vulnerable areas. In this issue, we review geological aspects that are specific to coastal areas and the results of current research programmes.


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