Coastline survey in Corsica (Cagnano, northern Corsica, France, 2006). © BRGM - Eric Palvadeau

Support to public policy development

Delivering policy development support to the public authorities is one of the BRGM's key roles. It involves expert appraisals, monitoring and studies conducted on behalf of the State, central and local government and public agencies and institutions.

The BRGM's policy development support includes activities of four types:

  • surface and subsurface monitoring, building on and disseminating knowledge;
  • methodological studies and synopses to transfer research results to “civil society”.
  • independent expert appraisals;
  • training and knowledge transfer.

Multiple partnerships

The BRGM's activities to support public policy development are financed either by the state allocation for public service expenditures or through contracts with central and local government departments, public agencies and institutions or companies and other economic players.

Partnership agreements between the BRGM and in particular the National Office for Water and Aquatic Environments (ONEMA), the Water Agencies (Water Offices in overseas France), the Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), the regional authorities and the European Union (EDRF).

A National Public Services Steering Committee

A national steering committee representing the BRGM’s supervisory ministries sets out overall guidelines for its activities to support public policy development. This committee works on the basis of needs expressed under the aegis of the regional prefects by the ministries and regional partners concerned: devolved state agencies, regional and local authorities and public institutions.


Download the guidelines for BRGM's public policy support activities for 2021

Download the guidelines for BRGM's public policy support activities for 2020


The BRGM has adopted a charter on expert appraisals whereby it states its undertakings on the quality of expert appraisals delivered to its public and private partners.

Find out more about BRGM charter on expert appraisals

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