The Sabatier pit after rehabilitation (N. France). © BRGM - Charbonnages de France

Mine Safety

In 2006, the French State handed responsibility to BRGM for monitoring and action to prevent risks and pollution arising from mine closures.

The State has important responsibilities in the post-mining field, which are exercised through an organisational structure covering all social, institutional, organisational and legal aspects.

The functions within the remit of the State are exercised by the competent central authority (Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy) and the relevant decentralised authorities (DREAL).  Expert assessment and research functions are exercised respectively by the GEODERIS public interest group and the GISOS scientific interest group.

A government decree issued on 4 April 2006 attributed all operational functions to BRGM, which established a dedicated department for this purpose, the Mine Safety and Risk Prevention Department (DPSM).

Key BRGM roles in mine safety

The key roles entrusted to the DPSM are as follows:

  • mine safety engineering work, as the delegate project owner.
  • surveillance of mining site facilities, in compliance with the Mining Code or the Environment Code,
  • management of the post-mining information system and collections of intermediate technical mining archives in particular, and contributions to mining intelligence.

The DPSM’s main goals are:

  • to ensure the safety of people and property in former mining areas,
  • to maintain technical mining competences for this purpose,

Mine safety is one of the BRGM’s five key roles, along with scientific research, support to public policy development, international cooperation and higher and continuing vocational training

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