As the French Geological Survey, the BRGM offers employment opportunities in every field of the Earth Sciences. © BRGM


BRGM, the French Geological Survey, is France’s public reference institution for Earth Science applications to manage surface and subsurface resources and risks.

BRGM recruits more than 60 people every year on permanent contracts, mainly as engineers and researchers.

It also offers fixed-term contracts for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, block release trainees and others on professional integration, international volunteer or civic service schemes.

Each year, BRGM hosts more than 150 interns on higher education courses or in their gap years, in all its areas of activity.

The BRGM gives particular attention to people with disabilities and adapts their workspaces as soon as they are recruited to ensure optimum conditions in which they can achieve all their potential. All posts at the BRGM are open to people with disabilities.

BRGM - 3 avenue Claude-Guillemin - BP 36009 45060 Orléans Cedex 2 - France Tel.: +33 (0)2 38 64 34 34