On a geological mapping survey in the Taoudeni Basin (Mauritania, 2006). © BRGM

“I went straight into international projects”

Yannick Callec, 37, BRGM geologist.

Portrait Yannick Callec

“After taking my PhD at the Paris Ecole des Mines, I worked for the French Petroleum Institute before being recruited by the BRGM to work on sedimentary basin mapping.

I went straight into international projects, first on a mapping project in Mauritania for an oil company. I then did similar work for an institutional support project in Mali, where I worked for 6 months.  I find it particularly interesting to work in these countries where the BRGM not only has a high profile but whose experience there makes it one of the best sources of knowledge on the region’s geology. 

I’ve also been involved in projects in France, on the Lyon-Turin rail link for instance.

My work involves a lot of contacts with other BRGM departments, as well as interdisciplinary teamwork. There’s also the human interest of working with people in other countries and the geologists there.

The duration and complexity of the BRGM’s mapping projects for private companies and national institutions makes working abroad a very attractive and interesting proposition. I’m now hoping to work abroad for a longer period.”


Yannick has a doctorate in science and specialises in the geology of sedimentary basins, especially in West Africa. He was recruited by the BRGM in 2003 and now manages mapping projects for the mining and petroleum industries. He is regularly in the field in Mauritania and is planning to work abroad for longer periods.

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