On-site telemetric data acquisition, after the Cynthia storm (2010). © BRGM

“I really love the work I do!”

Gwénaëlle Bodère, 32, BRGM coastal environment technician.

Portrait Gwénaëlle Bodère

“I was recruited as a part-time secretary and part-time technician, but I soon became a technician full time, with a small team of four people.

Fitting in was easy, especially in the Corsican environment we were working in. I’m responsible for yearly monitoring of the coastline, focusing on 15 sandy beaches in particular. We monitor the progress of erosion and the loss of sand from the beaches.  We’re mainly working in the field, but we also prepare the monitoring campaigns and process the data. We also use boats to make observations of coastal profiles from the sea. So it’s outdoor field work, but there’s also office work to process, analyse and apply the data.

I have other tasks during the year as well: I get called in to help in other regions, for observations of sandy coastlines that are under threat, in Aquitaine for example, or in Guadeloupe where I went after a cyclone. I also have other missions, on hydrogeology for example.

My work is quite varied and I need to be mobile, available and adaptable to different topic areas. But most of all, I really love the work I do and the sense of doing something useful in a beautiful environment.”


During her diploma course as an advanced maritime technician, Gwenaëlle specialised in marine prospecting and offshore positioning, especially through her work with GPS systems. She joined the BRGM in September 2004 to take charge of coastline monitoring with the Regional Department for Corsica.

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