Entering piezometric data to a portable field computer (2009). © BRGM

“My work is multi-disciplinary with a European perspective, and never repetitive”

Ariane Blum, 32, BRGM hydrogeologist.

Portrait Ariane Blum

“I was employed by the BRGM after my final internship and after working for a time with IFEN, the French Environment Institute.

I’m involved in technical support for the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive, on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment, ONEMA, the Water Agencies or the European Commission. My job involves developing methodologies and specifications for the characterisation of aquifer systems, water monitoring, quality assessments and so on.

I actually work at the interface between research and the public authorities, because I transfer results from research teams to managers and policy-makers to help them make the right decisions. I’ve found that working on research findings to make them readily understandable is very stimulating. 

I also do research and knowledge gathering on the geochemical background properties of groundwaters.

I’m also coordinating a European project to improve quality assurance in water monitoring networks, which involves facilitation and administrative and financial management for 16 European partners.

It’s interesting work because it’s multidisciplinary with a European perspective, and never repetitive.”


Ariane studied at the Universities of Paris and Avignon, gaining a Master’s degree (DESS) in applied hydrogeology. She has worked for the BRGM since 2005, in particular on implementation issues for the European Directive on groundwaters.

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