Acid drainage from the open-pit mines of Pueblo Viejo is the main source of contamination of surface waters and rivers draining the Samana basin (Dominican Republic, 2003). © BRGM - David Cazaux

“It’s real interdisciplinary work”

Anne-Gwénaëlle Guézennec, 31, BRGM process engineer.

Anne-Gwénaëlle Guézennec, 31, BRGM process engineer.“I was recruited by the BRGM in 2005 as a process engineering researcher for in situ remediation of pollution. I mainly work on groundwater pollution problems due to mining or mineral processing and industrial effluent. You have to understand what is actually happening and find solutions. The same goes for environmental impacts from aggregate extraction or for post-mine management.

I started as an engineer and went on to be a project manager. The work is varied: I have to find partners and secure financing, respond to calls for tenders and draw up the scientific content. Then there’s management of the project itself, the budget and the project team.

At the moment I’m piloting a European project on integrated water resource management in phosphate mining zones in Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan, which means I work in the field a lot of the time. I’m also working on sediment and groundwater pollution by heavy metals that were used in former industrial sites.

All of this relies on real interdisciplinary work with researchers, universities, governments agencies or industries.”


Anne-Gwenaëlle is an environmental project manager with a PhD in materials engineering. She mainly works on water pollution and remedial treatments. Her work often takes her abroad.

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