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Opening up to society

As a public institution for research and expert studies, the BRGM contributes to the dialogue between science and society in its different fields of expertise.

Society is raising more and more questions about soils, subsoils and their resources: resource uses and management, environmental practice and heritage management, preventing risks to people and property, conflicts between uses, etc.

The BRGM conducts expert studies to support informed policy decisions and organises meetings for exchanges with civil society representatives.

Establishing a dialogue with NGO representatives

With this approach, the BRGM is looking to share available scientific knowledge to encourage discussions over questions and uncertainties in order to better understand the needs and expectations of citizens relayed by environmental NGOs.

Through its commitment to dialogue with representatives of environmental NGOs, the BRGM is aiming to:

  • build up a common understanding of social concerns and complex social issues relating to the environment (water, resources, etc.);
  • build up a reservoir of mutual knowledge, respect and trust;
  • present the results of its research, studies and expert assessments in a manner that is understandable to all and therefore shareable;
  • discuss questions of concern to the environmental NGOs represented;
  • strengthen the credibility of the BRGM's research and expert studies;
  • enhance the quality of its responses to public and private decision-makers;
  • strengthen the contributions of the BRGM's R&D roadmap to the dialogue between science and society.

Regional meetings

Environmental NGOs conduct their activities with the help of permanent staff and volunteers who thus acquire particular expertise on issues in their regions. The BRGM's regional representatives organise meetings with representatives of civil society groups to discuss environmental questions that come within the BRGM's areas of expertise and on which papers and articles have been published.

These meetings provide opportunities for open and constructive discussions by encouraging exchanges of knowledge - or knowledge "gaps",  questions from all parties and expressions of their expectations, while observing the ethical principles that guarantee transparency and trust and preserve the independent judgement  of all concerned.

A dialogue between science and society that feeds into the BRGM's scientific programmes

As an independent public institution, the BRGM deploys its expert knowledge to seek environmentally sustainable solutions in response to requests from public and private decision-makers. The BRGM's expertise evolves continually with the regular renewal of its R&D programmes, which in turn reflect issues and questions that emerge from the BRGM's meetings with civil society representatives.

As of 2017, points of discussion that repeatedly emerge from the BRGM's meetings with civil society groups will be taken into account in the development of its scientific programmes.

To meet needs for the information and explanations that are essential to constructive thinking among citizens, professionals and decision-makers, the BRGM publishes the results of its scientific studies that relate directly to issues of concern to society.

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