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Professional ethics at the BRGM

The BRGM's ability to meet the needs of its private and public partners relies both on its know-how and on its capacities for applying the founding principles of its code of ethics in practice.

Since its creation, the BRGM has endeavoured to abide by a code of ethics acknowledged by all interested parties. This commitment is a driving force of the BRGM's culture, and this is why it has now been transcribed into a Code of Ethics that explicitly sets out the principles adhered to by all BRGM employees.

Since 2018, the BRGM has been a signatory of the national charter of ethics of research professions.

The BRGM's ethics system

Since 2014, the BRGM has gradually implemented an ethics system that includes:

  •  project manager appointed specifically to develop and implement the ethics system. A particular aim is to promote, among all employees, full awareness of the importance of integrity and responsibility in professional conduct in all areas and to help our organisation address any work situations that could raise professional ethics issues.
  • An external professional ethics committee to provide the BRGM with critical insights on the design and implementation of its code of ethics and on its handling of cases involving professional ethics.
  • Case files on ethics questions raised by employees,  specifically addressed by the Ethics project manager and subsequently validated by the hierarchy.
  • Code of Ethics developed through a collaborative approach with about one hundred people representing the different specialisations, qualifications and generations of BRGM staff members.

BRGM's Code of Ethics : 5 fundamental principles

The 5 fundamental principles of the BRGM's Code of Ethics

The BRGM's Code of Ethics is based on the five fundamental principles that underpin the conduct by all employees of their professional activities, guided by a constant awareness of their contribution to the exercise of the BRGM's corporate social responsibility. 


Integrity / Loyalty / Probity

By virtue of its specialisations and activities, the BRGM is by definition a player in sustainable development. It conducts its activities with integrity, abiding by its undertakings, with respect for people, property and the environment and  in compliance with regulations.


Dialogue / Attentiveness / Mutual assistance

The strength of the BRGM lies in its capacity for dialogue and attentiveness to each and every one of the widely diverse interested parties it works with prior to harnessing its multidisciplinary competences to undertake the research and expert study projects entrusted to it.


Reliability / Professionalism / Thoroughness

The BRGM's competence rests on its capacity for harnessing the combined strengths of its scientific disciplines and fields of expertise and capitalising on the wealth of its scientific heritage of data, technologies and knowledge accumulated over nearly 60 years. This competence is expressed by the guaranteed thoroughness and integrity of its scientific approach and by the quality of results produced in compliance with both deadlines and budgets.


Communication / Disclosure of interests / Freedom of expression

The BRGM discloses all affiliations it may have with interested parties and endeavours to share all scientific knowledge produced with public funding. It reports all uncertainties, knowledge gaps and controversies that may arise from these affiliations. It develops objective, verifiable, open and accessible communication materials on its scientific and technical work.


Impartiality / Independence / Neutrality

The BRGM conducts its tasks independently of any particular political, economic or commercial interests  


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