Aerial view, from a height of 250m, of active erosion of the coastal cliffs of the Pays de Caux, between Le Havre and the Antifer oil terminal (Normandy, 2004). © BRGM - Guillaume Bertrand

BRGM in the regions

BRGM runs 29 agencies in mainland and overseas France to meet the needs of its regional partners (central and local government, agencies, etc.).

Close coverage of issues of concern to the regions

As well as its Head Offices in Orléans, the BRGM has 29 agencies working closely on issues of concern to its clients and partners across mainland and overseas France. Its responsibilities for mine safety are carried out through its 4 regional post-mining units (UTAM).

Thanks to its comprehensive regional coverage, BRGM maintains close links with its local partners:

  • devolved state departments,
  • local and regional authorities,
  • targeted agencies,
  • Chambers of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry,
  • universities and research establishments,
  • competitiveness and excellence clusters,
  • industries,
  • other regional partners and the public.

Regional activities in all BRGM areas of competence

In the regions, BRGM conducts activities to support policy development and expert studies as well as scientific research.

The regional divisions work in all BRGM topic areas. Water resources, natural risks, climate change impacts and geothermal potential in France are some of the core themes addressed by the BRGM's activities in the regions.

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