The Lac Blanc, at 2352 m in the Aiguilles Rouges range, lies in a hollow scoured out by glaciers (Chamonix, French Alps, 2008). © BRGM - François Michel

Water resource quality: BRGM at the hub of research

The BRGM is continuing its research on the quality of groundwater resources, from the processes involved in their degradation (environmental monitoring, studies on pollutant behaviour) through to remediation (depollution of water bodies).

BRGM conducts research on groundwater quality to:

  • identify, understand and model the microbiological and geochemical processes that govern water quality.
  • determine the mobility, transformation and/or degradation of anthropic or geogenic pollutants in soils and groundwaters.

Assess the quality of water tables and preserve their environment

The research conducted by the BRGM is helping to further understanding of the processes governing the presence of elements in groundwaters. It provides the basis for groundwater quality assessments

and for action to preserve and restore the natural environment, including groundwaters, by building predictive models and action plans.

Understanding and preventing groundwater pollution

BRGM is heavily involved in studies of pollution in aquifers (geochemical background, diffuse pollution, emerging pollutants), in particular to:

  • understand pollutant transfer processes,
  • establish the dating and timing of underground water transfers,
  • establish trends in contaminant behaviour,
  • develop tools to protect water abstraction points (delineation of abstraction points, vulnerability maps, assessing the effectiveness of measures taken),
  • build digital models of pressures and impacts on groundwaters.

Multiple partnerships

These BRGM research activities are conducted under major ANR (National Research Agency) programmes or in response to European and international calls for projects.

BRGM research also supports the water agencies, local government and municipal water management bodies, under contracts with industrial partners or under French cooperation programmes.

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