The "Giant's Cauldrons" at Saint-Germain-Joux (Ain, E France, 2007). © BRGM - François Michel

Water management and decision-making support

BRGM provides support for public and private water management players. To do so, it develops reference platforms, hydrogeological models and databases, and conducts studies on the socio-economics of water.

BRGM develops tools to support water management and studies to assess the relevance and impacts of planned activities. The aim is to help public and private players to address the consequences of global changes in France and internationally.

Mapping, modelling and water information systems

BRGM is developing its 3D mapping and digital modelling competences to support water management. 

The results are providing essential input to support management and planning decisions by the public authorities and water management bodies, as well as arbitration over water resource uses, protection and sharing in the medium and long term.

BRGM delivers maps and 3D models, syntheses, methodological guides, databases and geographic information systems, including:

  • The french BDLISA reference platform BDLISA ;
  • The French portal for access to groundwater data (ADES) ;
  • Groundwater management information systems (SIGES) for different French regions,
  • Regional hydrogeological models (France and internationally): thee include models of the Somme basin, the chalk water table and carboniferous aquifer in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, and aquifers in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.
  • Regional-scale models of climate change impacts (e.g. northern Aquitaine, Jurassic formations in Poitou Charente and the Lez karst system around Montpellier).

The socio-economics of groundwater

BRGM is pioneering developments in the socio-economics of groundwater, in particular to assess the relevance of different policy options in terms of their environmental impacts but also their economic consequences and social acceptability.

BRGM research and support to public policy development in this area focus on:

  • Assessing the socio-economic impacts of water management programmes and policies;
  • Economic optimisation of water management plans (cost-efficiency analyses);
  •  Arbitration between economic development and environmental protection policy (cost-benefit analyses);
  • Developing medium and long-term trend scenarios for water uses (forward analyses).
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