Different types of below-ground heat exchangers for geothermal heat pumps at the BRGM's experimental geothermal energy platform (Orléans, 2009). © BRGM - Girelle Prod

BRGM, a leading player in geothermal energy

Describing resources, structuring the supply side, developing the demand side, promoting innovation: the BRGM is working to promote geothermal applications and develop their use in every form.

Promoting geothermal energy development in France is the BRGM’s goal, which is involved in structuring the sector at every level.

Geothermal applications: developing the potential of a renewable energy resource

In the context of climate change, developing geothermal energy is one of the goals for renewable energy set out by the Grenelle Environment Consultations.  The aim is a sixfold increase by 2020 in the use of geothermal resources for heat production.

Multiple activities to promote the geothermal sector

To boost geothermal energy development, BRGM is working in several directions:

  • research and innovation,
  • support to industrial development,
  • information for the public,
  • data distribution,
  • support to project developers and operators,
  • etc.

BRGM is working on geothermal energy in all its forms

Geothermal energy, produced from the natural heat of the Earth itself, is a renewable resource with multiple uses, from heat pumps to power production. BRGM is working to develop geothermal energy in all its forms:

  • Geothermal heat pumps for individual housing, the tertiary sector and collective housing,
  • Direct use of geothermal heat for district heating networks,
  • High-temperature geothermal applications for power production
  • New-generation geothermal systems (SGS or Stimulated Geothermal Systems technology).

For more information on BRGM activities in the different forms of geothermal energy

A long-standing partnership on geothermal energy with ADEME 


Since 2006, BRGM has been working jointly with ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) in the field of geothermal energy.

CFG, a BRGM subsidiary specialized in geothermal energy

In addition to its own expertise in geothermal energy, BRGM can rely on the specialities of its subsidiary CFG.

CFG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BRGM, is a service and engineering company specializing in low-energy (heat production) and high-energy (electricity production) geothermal energy.

GEODENERGIES, a scientific interest group (GIS) for the development of carbon-free energy

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GEODENERGIES (Geotechnologies for carbon-free energy), is a scientific interest group (GIS) developed by the BRGM with 12 private companies, 6 other public research institutions and 2 competitiveness clusters.

Its aim is to promote the emergence of three sectors supporting carbon-free energy: geological storage of CO2, energy storage and geothermal energy.

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