A neoproteozoic dolomite outcrop along the Ngounié river on the eastern flank of the Nyanga basin (Gabon, 2006). © BRGM - Denis Thiéblemont

Sedimentary basins: optimising surface and subsurface operations

Data from the BRGM can provide decisive information for underground operations in every sector.

Looking for new geothermal targets? Alternative water resources? Need to assess CO2 storage potential? Conduct deep exploratory drilling? Store waste? Build a tunnel?

Thanks to its French Geological Reference Platform (RGF*) programme, BRGM is in a position to provide industrialists and planners with the most exhaustive and detailed decision-support tools available for every type of operation involving soils and subsoils.

Exhaustive data on soils and subsoils in France

BRGM has been acquiring, processing and disseminating geological information for over 50 years. It has developed a range of exhaustive databases that include the geological map of France, the French subsoils database (BSS) and the petroleum database (drilling and seismic data).

To meet the important challenges facing industries and local government, BRGM is now integrating these databases to produce syntheses and digital models. The aim is to predict and evaluate subsoil resources, both inland and on the continental shelf.

Building constantly on our expertise in France and across the globe, we deliver geological information on sedimentary basins to meet every need.

Decision-support tools for every type of operation involving subsoils.

Water resources and their preservation

Exploring deep aquifer resources to avoid the risk of polluting shallow water tables? BRGM can provide essential information on Mesozoic carbonate formations in deep fractured and karstic systems.

Mineral resources

Need accurate assessments of resources in French sedimentary basins? Planning to prospect for new deposits? BRGM’s geophysical and geological data can bring you a decisive competitive edge.

Energy prospecting

Prospecting for hydrocarbons trapped in sedimentary layers? Expert studies needed to support explorations for analogue deposits? Thanks to our integrated methodologies, BRGM is your ideal partner for all geological syntheses.

Alternative energy resources

Planning to use water from Triassic aquifers? To set up an offshore windfarm? BRGM’s exclusive data can provide all you need to characterise your geothermal energy or windpower project.

Gas storage

Methane, CO2 or natural gas… if you’re looking for new storage capacities that meet the most exacting criteria, BRGM can provide the most accurate data available on porous formations, saline cavities and anticlinal structures.

Energy storage

Investigating solutions to handle intermittent supplies or fluctuating consumption by storing energy as heat or compressed air?  The BRGM’s expertise in sedimentary basin characteristics can provide essential decision-making support.

Waste storage

Need to locate new underground storage capacities? BRGM can deliver the data you need to assess the geometry and potential of target geological layers.


Tunnels, dams or high-speed rail track: civil engineering works demand highly detailed geological data.  BRGM can deliver valuable ground data covering geomechanical and hydrogeological characteristics through to accurate georisk assessments.

Resource sharing

Planning to extract subsoil resources? Need to assess your project’s impact on resources targeted by other companies? The BRGM’s geological models can provide the data you need to understand potential interactions between projects.

An integrated approach to sedimentary basins

BRGM handles the entire chain of knowledge management on soils and subsoils:

  • Geological and geophysical data acquisition
  • Data collection and sharing
  • Processed data products
  • Data processing and interpretation
  • GIS integration and multicriteria analyses
  • 3D modelling

Some flagship products and services:

  • Geological syntheses and petroleum potential in the Aquitaine Basin
  • Non-exclusive studies of the main French basins (seismic data reprocessing and interpretation).
  • Geological syntheses for scientific or applied uses (storage capacities, etc.).
  • Geological and structural maps
  • Expert studies
  • Field courses


Download the BRGM brochure on "Sedimentary Basins" 


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