A geologist surveys limestone folds outcropping above Lake Volta in the Oterkpolu quarry (Ghana, 2008). © BRGM - Jean-Yves Roig

Geology: applications to serve the needs of society

Acquiring, processing and disseminating geological information: for more than 50 years, BRGM has been applying these “historic” areas of competence to develop a wide range of applications serving the needs of societyabour

BRGM, the French geological survey, applies its areas of competence to further geological knowledge on soils and subsoils. In doing so, it addresses the needs of the public authorities and socio-economic players in France and internationally.

Geology, addressing important issues for today’s society

Economic, environmental and planning issues today demand access to full and precise information on soils and subsoils.

The geoscientific knowledge acquired by the BRGM is applied in many different areas, to improve the management of water and mineral resources, prevent natural risks, support planning for soils and subsoils, manage soil pollution, develop geological storage of CO2 and even improve the quality of landscapes.

BRGM makes its areas of competence available not only to the French public authorities but also to international development assistance programmes.

Acquisition, development and dissemination of data on water

BRGM manages a vast capital of geological knowledge acquired through its research programmes and geological and geophysical survey campaigns.

The data are processed to develop knowledge products such as databases, maps and digital 3D models designed for use with every type of medium and at different scales to meet the needs of different users, whether in government administration, planning, industry or teaching.

In the field of geology, BRGM’s main activities are in the following areas:

  • Acquisition of geological and geophysical data
  • Digital geological maps
  • Processing and use of data on subsoils
  • French geological reference platform,
  • Geological information systems
  • Geological modelling
  • Geological applications for CO2 storage
  • Cartographic document collection

From the geological map of France to the French Geological Reference Platform

Now that the geological map of France programme has reached completion, the dynamic and constantly evolving French Geological Reference Platform (RGF) is the BRGM’s new scientific challenge to provide effective responses to the major issues of tomorrow.


More about the French Geological Reference Platform

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